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That one does not fall leaves

I proudly ripples in the tree tops, enjoying a golden under a tree, watching the floated down the brothers and sisters, Xiao Xiaoyou Xiao Xiao......
When the first gold Fengjin sweep, there is always impatient of leaves and yellow leaves, they frolicking with a mess, chase each other, or to the autumn dew is heavy chrysanthemum deep, hidden in the night, the moon mottled shadow, finally and the shoulder stagger lying in thick soft soil bed, each other whisper to one another.
I, but in the heart snigger, laughing at those fallen leaves Can't wait, how do you so anxious? Don't fall so sadly, you will not understand autumn autumn have wonderful, missed the autumn, less like a taste, a little sad, a little...... In your heart, I know not.
When the cool mist quietly seek, I was doing a straight from the dream, the mist slowly setting on my body, into dew patter in sibling and slide, I woke up from a dream, oh, a haze layer upon layer, gradually let me lost, four weeks in the dark night can't from the mist, give me a sense of fear, the fog became boundless white demon, it swallowed my life will fall, my breath, I syncope...... The body light like dust, thought also stay if dust, the fog at night, just want to hide in the dust a mist bead circle, falling down, sink in the solid earth, safe, comfortable to sleep.
The fog became wet weight, water vapor condenses into rain in the air, gradually... Fear becomes lonely, as if the world only I alone enjoy wake up lonely, let the hearts of fog filled the air, occupy the whole soul, at this time, my heart and the world has be made one, forget all, unmoved either by gain or loss in the.
Feel the morning has come, but still can't see, only to hear the tree a little voice, breath... Silence. Breath... Silence. , as if he is a quiet man, with the ultimate fighting skill, not a cruel and violent, so calm, and every day to walk quietly, ordinary like a barn of rice grains, but how the fighting skill, and who will be perceived? After all, every encounter him, give me a reason to fall down.
The wind had struck, strong like a knife, my companions could not endure being dragged to tear the suffering, have to open the earth friendly gestures, they no longer fall is full of silently conveyed tenderness, but more is fall over each other, thus, the rolled up leaves will be falling away, or be carried away from the tree the fence was buried, rutting crushed body grave, "grind to dust scattered into the mud" plum the praise, and a lingering fragrance of soul. And leaves, but even the soul has be smashed to pieces...... -- I can't swim.
I insisted, adhere to the teeth, a day, two days, three days, fourth days at the temporary, the wind stopped. The day was cold, although in the sun, but my body doesn't live of tremble, several other holding brother is the same trembling to be contrite and reform oneself, suddenly feel very proud, adhere to in the end -- I am the piece does not fall leaves, finally see the late autumn of the tail, this is not the same as the color of sunlight in the world, since the fall of brothers and sisters, the line of sight is surprisingly good, green world has become the road paved by brown and yellow leaves, such as bone trunk up the blue sky, the floor of the withered not sad, but remembered moved, and moved that I -- one does not fall the leaves.
"What are you holding?" The tree said, I did not answer. Now only stick, stick to what? I don't know either.
So, I hold, after that have and Xiao Xiao autumn, although every day to night I am shivering, like candle year old man, but to my memory is the dream. Lonely, even a bird never Qilai. Tree, already become silent, the world is very quiet, in addition to scrape into the heart of the north wind, whistling sweeps every corner of my heart in the chest, icy, rather than the outside world, stiff feeling numb my thoughts, I really miss the warm summer sky -- melt in the rainbow, a leaf level a few to do this.
Yeah, what I also adhere to? Waiting for what? Except for me, the tree on which there are other?
Down, down, under the tree is a home.
Snow white, between heaven and earth, only one not in tune I still stubbornly defiant.
"You see, the leaf, also hung on the branches", a smart girl and said.
"Yeah, he's really unusual, perhaps he forgot the season." Her calm man said with emotion.
"Really want to have a look at it a little closer." The little girl was so naive as to think.
Suddenly, my heart and my body at the same time down, my soul to find a way out from the paths which the veins, ready to rise and go, but the blade was cold and numb.
When the girl seized the mop butterfly like a leaf, I, and did not have time to tell the leaves separation souls together instantly to dust, flying in the snow, sunny.
Girls disappointed Yang Yang hand, tears have been charmed by her eyes.
I am glad, fall the moment I never returned to the ground, the girl's hand is no place and never fall the soul......

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live things on chance


Finding right home care is essential as we want our loved ones to receive only the best care. This post has discussed a few tips in finding best Newton health care provider.

One can either select an individual home care provider or one from senior care providing agency. Individual care providers are more affordable but the system often fails to work in the long run. Moreover, youall also need a monitoring service to ensure that your loved one is receiving the care promised. Agencies, offering senior care, only engage services of registered and certified nurse. They are licensed to undertake senior health care duties.

To ensure best home care for your loved one, select caregivers who are licensed. Licensed individuals are regulated and monitored by the state.

Not all service providers are the same and there is no one-size-fits-all solution for the problem. When most service provider will send their list of services it wouldnt be wise to live things on chance. Select a service provider who can meet your requirements. If your senior requires specific kind of support or assistance ask the service provider if they can accommodate it.

Service hours are another important factor to consider. Some senior care providing agencies have round the clock support system, either offered by an individual or by several individuals in shifts, to response to emergencies and requirements for 24 hours monitoring.

Care requirements of each individual are different. An important thing to consider is whether a health care provider solicits input and information from family members in designing home care plan. Your case manager will normally make the plan available to you. Check out it in details and also confirm if they have an efficient system to monitor and review care plans from time to time.

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